The Guglielmetti Technical Studio has been alongside sports teams for years, sharing with them the passion for fair challenges and the valorization of talents.


Season 2023/2024

We sponsor the Piacenza Pettorelli fencing team.

The “G. Pettorelli” Fencing Club was founded in 1955, after the dissolution of the “Società Fermistica Piacentina” founded in 1945 at the end of the war. Among the founding members we remember Bruno Polidoro, Gianni Giacobbi and Sandrino Bernardelli, who passed away on 11 April 2015. From the date of foundation until 1994 it was under the technical guidance of maestro Bruno Polidoro, supported by his daughter Milly. We remember not only the excellent technical preparation of Maestro Polidoro, but also the human warmth and affection that he knew how to express to his students.

Season 2022/2023

We sponsored the PSN San Nicolò volleyball team

The association was founded with the aim of promoting volleyball by organizing courses aimed at children and teenagers. The Polisportiva San Nicolo’ Amateur Sports Association is rooted in the rottefreno community and has educated generations of athletes, accompanying them throughout the growth and maturation process typical of team sports.
Their volleyball instructors are among the most experienced and qualified in the area and are certainly the most suitable for developing the talent of children who are starting to play and of young people who want to reach levels of excellence.